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You should now be using Junos Pulse and will be decommissioned 2nd July 2018.

Click into Cheshire Anywhere

Available for all CW&C and CE staff. Access your email, shared files, the Intranet and more from any computer. Requires:

Click into Cheshire Advanced

Available to authorised CW&C and CE staff only. Provides you with the same level of access to email, files and shared applications as you have in the office. Requires:

Click into Cheshire Mobile

Check out your email on your mobile phone

Available for all CW&C and CE staff but currently supported on best endeavour basis only. Access your email, calendar, contacts etc from a mobile phone. Requires:

  • An Internet enabled mobile phone
  • Built in web browser or other web browser (Opera Mini is recommended)

Click into Cheshire Secure Meeting

Join a Secure Meeting to which you have been invited. Requires:

Click into Cheshire Token Portal

Please use this link to enrol yourself for Google Authenticator on your Smart phone or a Physical token you have obtained from your Business Support Unit.

If you suspect your Token isn't working you can also use this link to resync your token

Note: If you are experiancing problems with an exsisting ActivIdentity token please enrol for a new soft token (Smartphone required) or contact your business support unit who will replace your exsisting token.